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Hi. My name is Gerardo del Castillo. I´m a doctor.


I´m thrilled you found this page! It is said that everything happens for a reason. I want to believe that the reason you are here right now is that you are about to start a journey to a great life without any physical limitations.


I´m also a little sad that you have to be reading this.


It probably means that you are suffering from a terrible recurring low back pain.


It´s hard to be unable to perform the simplest daily activities like brushing your teeth in the morning or picking up your keys from the floor without feeling a horrible pain in your back.


And when this goes on for months, well, there comes the time when you begin to feel a little hopeless.


Life becomes cruel when you are constantly in pain.


It´s hard to wake up feeling all stiff and have to rely on drugs to be able to pass the day sitting in an office.


And trust me, I know how much that sucks.


I know that because low back pain is the second most common cause for a visit to medical´s offices and I see patients every day suffering because of it, and, I know how bad it can affect anyone´s life.


After a lot of studies, I was able to become the only assistant student in Neurological Surgery in my year right after beginning the medical career, and I was able to learn a lot about conditions that affect the brain and the spine.


I´ve always felt passionate about this medical specialty.


But, one of the main reasons I know about low back pain is because I had to suffer it myself for a long time.


My terrible low back pain was caused by herniated discs and many other degenerative changes in my spine. It all began back when I was a Medical student, with only 23 years old. 


The hardest thing for me was to listen to my colleagues advising me:

1.                   You can´t go to the gym anymore.

2.                   You can´t play tennis.

3.                   You should be careful during sex.

4.                   You shouldn´t lift any weight over 10 pounds.

5.                   And, the hardest one for me: You should reconsider becoming a Neurosurgeon because you won´t be able to be standing for a long time, as required in the Operating Rooms.


This was hard to process. It sucked to hear all this.


Luckily, I was able to put my thoughts in order quickly, and I decided that I would do anything in my power to recover from this and live a life without limitations.


I wanted to work out and get in great physical shape, to have sex without having to be in pain, and to be able to perform any kind of physical work, without having to suffer afterward.


I wanted to be able to stand for hours without having terrible back pain.


That is why I dedicated the next years to study everything related to back pain. I investigated EVERYTHING from scientific papers to grandma remedies.


I focused my medical knowledge in improving my own health so that I could help others afterward.


I tried a lot of things to find out which was the best way to follow to make back pain disappear.


I´ve read a lot of books (medical, and non-medical), I´ve seen a lot of videos, consulted the most updated sources, done a lot of exercises, and after several years of intentioned investigation, I AM FEELING BETTER THAN EVER!


All these years of studying and learning produced, as a result, a new approach to deal with low back pain. It includes the most effective forms of medical treatment boosted with the most effective techniques of goal setting, psychological brain hacks, habit formation processes, health improvement, etc.


I have perfected my methods over the years, and since, I am proud to present it for you now in a video course.

I wanted to help as many people as I could, so I decided to condense all that it takes to get rid of low back pain into a very organized step-by-step video course where you will learn among many other things:


-          How to spot alarming symptoms that could mean that you have a serious condition affecting your spine

-          How to manage a painful low back pain crisis effectively

-          Exercises for times of intense, moderate, and mild low back pain.

-          Stretches to improve your flexibility and decompress affected structures.

-          Pharmacological treatment of low back pain.

-          How to set goals to become a healthier person.

-          How to improve your sexual life when you suffer from low back pain.

-          How to lift heavy objects painlessly.

-          How to improve your posture.

-          How to get to your ideal weight.

-          Among many others.


If you are serious about getting better and becoming healthier, then this is the right place to be. If you still have some doubts, just consider some of the benefits you might get from this course:



-          You´ll be able to run, walk, swim, cycle easily.

-          You´ll be able to go to the gym.

-          You´ll be able to stand or sit comfortably for as many hours as you like.

-          You´ll become more flexible.    

-          You´ll seriously improve your sexual life.

-          You´ll be able to carry heavy weights.

-          You´ll wake up without any morning stiffness, feeling refreshed and energetic.

-          You´ll get to your ideal weight.

-          You´ll improve your posture and look more confident and sexy.

-          You´ll incorporate better habits to your life that will result in improved health and an increase in your life quality.

-          You´ll live a PAIN-FREE LIFE!



Not bad right?



Click here to get lifetime access!


And all this for only the price of a small one-time payment for this course.


There´s something I want you to ask yourself:


Remember that all change is difficult at first, messy at the middle and glorious at the end.

It´s not going to be comfortable all the times. Great things never are.

But, if you still answered yes, and you are ready to improve your life quality permanently, then I congratulate you!

And I want to give you some special gifts for your fantastic attitude: (they are all bonuses that you´ll get when you get the course)

-          CRASH COURSE ON DIETING – The best principles.   – A cool ebook that will teach you some very useful principles to make diets work. They go from which kind of food you should eat to become healthier to some brain hacks that can make you adopt a new diet effortlessly (yeah, no suffering included)

-          SOLVE THE CRISIS – Intense low back pain management guide – Learn what to do when times get rough for your back with this ebook.

-          MOST COMMON CAUSES OF LOW BACK PAIN – bonus video – Find out the most common conditions that affect people´s backs and check out if what you feel fits in one of these.

-          EPIDEMIOLOGY OF LOW BACK PAIN – bonus video – A lot of interesting facts about one the most common medical complaints of humanity.

-          PHYSIOLOGY OF PAIN- WHY DOES IT HURT? – bonus video – A deeper dive for those who like to understand the functioning of the human body.


And, if you decide that this course isn´t completely right for you, just tell us and you´ll get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

Yes, you read it right. THIS COURSE COMES WITH AN IRON CLAD 30 days’ money back warranty!

Nothing you can lose here.




And think about all the time and money you´ll waste if you decide to go on with your low back pain forever. How many times do you think you´ll have to go to the doctor during your life because of this? How many things you won´t be able to do during your whole life because of this?

How do you think it will affect you ten years from now if you decide to do nothing? How do you think it will affect the people you care about?

If you decide that you want to take the wheel and don´t let anything get in the way of restricting yourself, then this course was made for you.


I sincerely hope you get the best from it.


Secure your lifetime access here!




Dr. Gerardo



If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to tell me.

I love feedback!

And, shhhh… don´t tell others, but I like you better just for reaching :-)